Our Product

This video shows the kinds of cards that come in a deck of Speed Squares.  You will see why Speed Squares is being called the "most affordable and versatile" math manipulative on the educational market.  You can stop at the 2:50 mark.

The Basics

This video will show you the basics of using Speed Squares.  Start the video at 1:33!  

Mastering Multiplication Facts

How can you master all of those multiplication facts?  Jeremy shows you 3 researched based gaming interventions that produce great results!

Speed Squares Training Video 1 - Quick Sort

Speed Squares Training Video 1 - "Quick Sort"  

In this video Jeremy, the Speed Squares Guy, shows teachers and parents how to sort Speed Squares "Our Cards are Flippin' AWESOME!" so that the students are ready to learn.  It is also full of caption tips as he discusses the "Quick Sort".